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Managing security risks with planning, preparation, practice, and personnel

Who We Are
With offices in Chicago and London, SSG is a company driven to help global businesses succeed by solving their security problems with tailored security solutions. We recognize that to thrive in today's markets, businesses must operate wherever those new markets take them - increasing the risk to the organization and the threats to key personnel if security isn't part of organizational planning. We're here to help you to continue your business model, wherever it may be in the world and with minimum interference from external factors. SSG is an independent, international risk consultancy company. Headquartered in Chicago, USA, SSG operates in all areas of the globe. At SSG, we specialize in a risk management approach to security situations with an emphasis on planning, preparation, practice, and the right personnel for the job. Operators from SSG have worked in virtually every kind of environment and all over the world. Our local Operators have unparalleled experience within the local, state and national law enforcement sectors and the military.

What We Do
We support our Clients by providing strategic security solutions based on a thorough assessment of their unique situations. We employ a practical methodology for implementing solutions and follow up with ongoing support and advice to the project wherever and whatever it may be. We integrate our security solutions seamlessly so your organization will continue to operate successfully. At SSG, we have a passion for getting the job done right and committed to meeting the highest expectations of our Clients.

SSG prides itself in the following core values:
  • Integrity and ethics;
  • The pursuit of excellence;
  • Independent and uncompromising commitment to security solutions in every environment.
We follow the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) code of ethics

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SSG provides physical and operational security as well as risk management services to both
individuals and organizations worldwide

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