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Our experienced executive protection security personnel blend into the background

Our Executive Protection philosophy is:SSG Security Group-Executive Protection
  • To hire the most experienced Agents commensurate with the specific Client/Task
  • To have a low-key approach to security - SSG prefers to 'see and not be seen.'
  • To provide unfettered security
We hire Agents who have a wide range of experience in various Executive Protection (EP) tasks and environments. Recognizing that there is a positive correlation between experience and needs, SSG identifies that military experience is invaluable in many ultra-hostile environments, while in other cases, prior civilian EP experience may be the correct 'fit' for the Client. No matter where in the world you're located, whether it be Washington DC, New York, London, or Los Angeles, SSG takes the time to blend Client's wishes with Agent experience and background: compatibility and synergy are key.

Low-key approach
Often the image of a 6' 6" bodyguard accompanying a pop star on the streets of LA is the stereo-typical picture most of the public have of the EP world. At SSG, while we realize that on occasion this method may be most appropriate, in general we provide Agents who 'blend in' to their environments and do not 'highlight' either the Client or the Agent. Yet, it is important to recognize that a lower public footprint does not reduce the capability of the Agent or the protection of the Client, just the opposite. Seeing and not being seen gives the Agent the element of surprise against a would-be assailant.

Our Agents are extremely subtle, relying on intellect and experience rather than overt presence. SSG prefers its Agents to deal with any incident before it occurs, not to have to react 'after the fact,' when it may be too late. Thorough planning and an ultra-vigilant, individual EPO Agent(s) or team is key to this initiative.

Unfettered security
SSG wants you to continue your business unencumbered by Security; our Agents are trained to facilitate and increase your operational ability, not restrict it. Using tact, diplomacy, forethought and exhaustive preparation and planning - including building relationships with relevant support staff to the Client - SSG Agents clear the way for you to continue business as usual, and where possible, increase your functionality by smoothing the barriers to your daily routine.

SSG recognizes that each Client has specific needs and desires; and each of these needs and desires are and will be thoroughly discussed and addressed. Inasmuch, steps are toward appropriate solutions are planned, tailored, and put into action to meet the most rigorous demands.

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